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Widely anthologized and the author of a dozen books, his poems have been published in many of the leading literary magazines in America including The Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, New Letters, The Antioch Review, The Nebraska Review, North Dakota Quarterly, The Nation, Chicago Review, Chelsea, TriQuarterly, Crazyhorse, The Southern Review, The Missouri Review, Midwest Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Poetry Daily, and The North American Review.


“Adrian C. Louis reaches to the core of contemporary Native American life. An equation of anger and survival, of acceptance and defiance brought into delicate balance. It is work of profound honesty and out to be read by everyone who cares to know the American heart.”
-N. Scott Momaday

“Pure American poetry at its most powerful. Adrian Louis writes from the heart with a clarity and an honesty that is as terrifying as it is healing.”
-Leslie Marmon Silko

“Over the past ten years, Adrian C. Louis has emerged as one of the most powerful and compelling poets in America. There is an astonishing ferocity of vision and a deep, clarifying wisdom in his truly stunning poetry. Writing with a rage of conscience that is simultaneously historical and urgent, Louis is one of those rare voices we must carry with us into the future.”
-David St. John

“Louis’s singular character and talent to accord no slack in his account of the complex destiny of Native Americans, white America’s genocidal disenfranchisement of them, and his own frank self-portraits... Brutally honest, yes, but also beautifully aglow with love of language.”
-James Tate

“Pay attention to Adrian Louis. He is truly a voice in the wilderness. Prophetic, terrifyingly intelligent, unconditionally germane. Anyone who overlooks him does so in peril.”
-Hayden Carruth

“Adrian Louis's hard-bitten, homegrown (and marvelously learned) tongue speaks hard-won truths of North America. His steady, fine-tuned stanzas, cutting and compassionate, tough and funny, shine a hard light on everything—including himself.”
-Gary Snyder

“There is no border in his poems between the politics of the heart and the politics of the land. The music that fills his body of stories is direct and ancient. Still, it sounds like no one else’s.”
-Andrei Codrescu

“I’ve admired the poems of Adrian C. Louis for many years. No other American poet sings better than he does. No American poet knows how to grieve or rage better than he does.”
-Thomas Lux

“Adrian Louis is one of those writers we wait for and, believe me, he doesn’t disappoint.”
-James Welch

“Someone once told me that we're not humans trying to become spiritual, but spirits trying to become human and this book is proof of that: a spirit has found the body of Adrian Louis and has given us these poems. I can’t recall when I've been this excited by a new book of poems.”
-Bruce Weigl

“Adrian Louis is a tough, authentic American voice that will both disturb you and make you want to dance another round in the heart of Indian country.”
-Joy Harjo

“What a song he has to sing, what a riddle to unravel! Adrian Louis, like Coyote—he’s one quick step and a million dreams ahead of us all.”
-Carol Muske

“Adrian Louis channels the energy of anger into poetry with as much incendiary power as any poet writing in this country today. The damned have no more eloquent voice.”
-Martín Espada

“Adrian Louis writes the purest kind of elegy. In a voice that ranges from curse to prayer, often in the same breath, he mourns the ghosts he walks among. If you’re sick to death of decorative, palliative poetry, read Adrian Louis.”
-Chase Twichell

"Bone & Juice extends the already considerable accomplishments of a poet I have admired for years — for his unforced ironic humor in the face of histroical tragedy, for his unshakable courage, and for his wisdom. His vision and his voice are unique."
-Sam Hamill

"Mr. Louis is one of the few poets working in the United States of whom I would be brave enough to say is endowed with what Lorca called "Duende." That rare, single, solitary, and powerful entity that makes of his poems materspieces because they cut straight to the heart. He holds nothing back, spares us nothing."
-Virgil Suárez

“I read one line in one poem in particular that was revolutionary and revelatory. The line was I’m in the reservation of my mind. It was by Adrian Louis, a Paiute poet. For me, that was like Because I could not stop for death, death kindly stopped for me... It was I sing the body electric... It was all that and more. It was the first line I ever read in any work, anywhere that applied to something I knew. It was a flash of lightning, a roll of thunder, when I understood everything that I ever wanted to be. When I read that line, I knew I wanted to be a writer.”
-Sherman Alexie

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